Thursday, 24 September 2015

Using a real keyboard and mouse

I hardly ever blog these days, mainly because the Blogger App on my phone upsets me. I should get in contact and tell someone really but then something else comes up and I forget. But basically it upsets me because I take a photo, write a lovely blog post and then it hangs. And then it hangs. And then hangs. So all I have written gets lost, I get annoyed. Then I stop. I un-install, reinstall and then the cycle continues.

Well, today I am at a computer, a real one with a keyboard and mouse. So here goes, a post that I am trying to recreate from the end of July about my other hobby camping combined with cooking.

I always get asked by non-camping buddies what I eat and what I cook (and what I sleep on, where I go to the toilet, what I do) when camping. The answer is simply - what I eat the same kind of stuff as at home I just don't have an oven. I cook on a 2 ring gas burner and have a grill if I need (I never use the grill). In fact I love camping cooking. It's a bit like Ready Steady Cook, as I look at what I have and then make up something tasty.

At the start of the Summer holidays (goodbye Year 2, hello Year 3!) we went to North Norfolk for the week. Wonderful area, great weather and excellent campsite. One stand out meal that I made was chicken with fresh herbs, lemon and honey served with rice and a green salad.

The chicken came from a local shop. I simply chopped into bite-sized pieces and marinated with lemon, honey and fresh herbs - thyme, sage, bay - that they grew onsite for the use of the campers. This would have been good on skewers and barbecued (I didn't bring my barbie), I did it in my frying pan. It was delicious.

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