Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Slow cooker is out again

The slow cooker is back out again. Went to a Chinese supermarket with my half-birthday buddie (after a fairly restrained night out before) and picked up beef shin and oxtail. Mostly in the freezer until another time but for now here is what happened.... I chucked in to a slow cooker

* beef shin coated in plain flour and mustard powder
* kohlrabi peeled and chopped into biggish chunks
* a load of carrots peeled and chopped

* celery sticks peeled andchunked

* tin of chopped tomatoes
* half bottle of red heated with a kallo beef stock cube
* a load of mini potatoes peeled
* pearl barley washed
* a few onions peeled and in chunks

8 hours later......

Email me for exact quantities

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