Sunday, 18 August 2013

Eating out in Cornwall

½ and I have just returned from a week of camping in Cornwall. From the local culinary perspective, I think that I was expecting too much. I love a pasty and seafood (not the greatest cream tea fan), and was expecting seafood and pasty shacks all over. Didn't see any, perhaps I was looking in the wrong place? Also expecting lovely delis, farm shops and village stores with lots of local goodies. Again, very disappointed - the local shop to our camp site (near Helston) mainly consisted of Lambrisco. So sadly food was sourced from Tesco and Sainsbury's.

We did eat out for dinner once, at Rick Stein's Fish in Falmouth. I was really looking forward to this and knew that I wasn't going to make it over to Padstow. It's very child friendly and we got a seat easily - sat at the perimeter of the restaurant on stools, overlooking the marina. I had a the set menu, starting with the Cod, mussel and bacon chowder which was really good and hit the spot (nothing special about the bread). Next I had the cod and chips with mushy peas and ½ had the children's cod chunks and chips. I was bitterly disappointed and would go as far as saying that the fish and chips at the local chippy in Hatch End (Sea Pebbles) is far more superior. The chips were ok, but very dry, the batter on the fish lacked flavour and the mushy peas looked grey and tasted of cardboard. The fish itself tasted fresh and was succulent. Pudding (shared between us) was the chocolate cake, which was good, not wonderful or amazing, just good.

The only other time we really ate out was at the Eden Project, sharing a frittata (with salad leaves and new potatoes) and strawberries and cream. The new potatoes were lovely, well dressed with a mustard dressing, however the frittata could have done with a bit more seasoning. However, I must say for an establishment like the Eden Project the food was done well and looks very appealing.

Sounds all so negative, but not all. I did get an amazing pasty from the Horse and Jockey Bakery in Porthleven.

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