Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lovely local restaurant

Dear Friend and I went for dinner tonight as 1/2 is at her dad's this weekend and tbh we needed a good catch up.

This local restaurant, halfway between us was lovely tonight. Service was great and the food delicious. We both had the signature starter dish - ravioli with duck egg mushroom and lovely green spinach. Not something I would usually go for but it was worthwhile. The lovely runny yolk and the flavours and textures were delicious. I could have picked up the plate and give it a lick! Dear Friend was going t order the lobster lasagnette but they were out of that.

To follow I ordered guinea fowl which had really lovely flavours. Had a crunchy skin to it which provided a nice contrast. I haven't eaten guinea fowl before so cannot comment or compare. Dear Friend had pork belly. If you look at the photo it didn't look much but she was unable to finish it. The pork was very tender and again great flavour.
We shared a bottle of red - something that was dubbed as "a little bit fun."

Skipped desserts as was stuffed. Although the mango soufflé looked pretty good.

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