Thursday, 20 September 2012

Not my usual kind of curry

With ½ still settling at school and me hanging around I finally did some major weeding in the garden and dug all my potatoes up. Sounds Glam and exciting doesn't it.... actually not that many potatoes but enough to make a chicken and potato curry. Wanted to make a massaman but didn't have any cardom pods but this was just as tasty and I also got to use up a red pepper and mushrooms I had hanging around.
What you need
  • some potatoes peeled and same kind of size
  • a couple of chicken drumsticks and thighs
  • a chopped onion
  • a pepper broadly sliced
  • some mushrooms halved or quartered or whole
  • tin of coconut milk
  • fish sauce
  • dark soya sauce
  • lemon grass - I used the tube one bit about 2 sticks crushed up 
  • some dried chilli pepper- to your tasting

What to do
  1.  Brown the chicken for about 5-7min
  2.  Add the chopped onion and cook for 3-4mins
  3.  Add the pepper and mushroom and potatoes and cook for a couple of mins
  4.  Add the coconut milk then add the lemongrass and cook foe a couple of mins before adding the dark soya sauce (a splash) and about a tablespoon of fish sauce
  5.  Add the chilli if using. This is to taste so as much or as little as you choose.
  6.  Turn down and simmer for about t 20 mins.

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