Thursday, 13 September 2012

Is kids pizza just kids pizza?

When you take a young child out for a meal it's usually pizza. For me it's usually the blue pizza company that has dough balls and jazz. (Helps that I get a student discount!).

Anyhow, took ½ there (Pizza Express) on Monday with her dad as a treat as it was her fist day at school. She was totally famished which is strange as she is used to long days at her old place that she's been going to since she was 13months. And yesterday, as my treat, my dear-sister took us to Spaghetti House. Despite the dire service, the children had a reasonable time. My salad was OK, but whitebait delicious. But to be honest, the pizza that Little-Em had didn't look anyway as good as Pizza Express and ½ didn't think much of the carbonara. And the dough ball fritters were not the great either (although the portions were massive).

So, despite me thinking that they are all much the same, they are not. And despite me being bored of Pizza Express, I do really enjoy it when ½ and I go out. (And thanks to NUS Extra).

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