Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympics - I'm inspired!

The term Olympic has always reminded me of the Olympic breakfast from the Little Chef eatery (remember them?). In fact the Olympics have never bothered me, to the point that I have no recollection of the 2008 Beijing Olympics - perhaps it was because ½ was a little baby.

Now, since we saw the torch relay in Poole, and then the craziness of the torch going though London and that glorious weather, ½ and I decided to host an Olympic Opening Ceremony get together for the cousins (and their parents).

I was going to go all out and even bought some onion (Olympic) rings and was going to make different colour dips. But time was drastically running out, so in the end just barbecued a load of meat, had some pita bread and some Chinese style crab. The crab was amazing, and chomped on so quickly I didn't get a chance to get a photo - chopped by my Mum and cooked by me!

½ and the cousins went crazy, running around and they even took part in their own mini-Olympics - egg & spoon, hopping, 3-legged, balance the bowl on your head. ½ did very well on the last race, think it was the promise of a chocolate mini roll!

Crazy, but very fun night. I now love the Olympics. Never mind inspiring a generation, it's inspiring the oldies like me too!

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