Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How many meals can you get out of a chicken?

Well as we are just 1½ it's going to be more than most.

Often I will buy a bird and butcher it up as it's much more cost effective and far more fun!

This Sunday (after a couple of days camping in the nosiest site ever), we came home and I roasted a chicken. So:

  1. Sunday night roast (with lovely Lyonnaise potatoes and allotmet veg)
  2. Monday dinner for me was chicken and sweetcorn soup (as I have been unwell)
  3. Chicken fried rice (for  ½)
  4. Left over plain rice and chicken the following day 
  5. An additional 2 portions good enough for more fried rice
Now, even for 1½ I think that's an impressive amount of meals from a £4 chicken!

Here were the lovely  Lyonnaise potatoes:

And check out the Yorkshire Puddings:

The chicken fried rice:

Chicken and sweetcorn soup:

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