Monday, 9 July 2012

Power to the mum-network!

Not a usual foodie post, but I want to gush about the mum-network and how I have such amazing support and friendship!

Usually ½ gets collected by her dad from preschool and she stays the night on a Monday. Got an early morning call saying he thinks he has chicken pox (lots going around here at the moment) and unable to collect ½.

Power to the amazing mum-network. It's so great to have support and it's a bonus that the children get along too! Tonight one lovely friend in the mum-network collected, fed and bathed ½ - and the children get along so well! Tomorrow night another lovely friend from the mum-network is collecting ½ for me and feeding us both (last time I got to take away some lovely paneer for my lunch the following day!).
And not for the first time, as when ½'s dad was unable to collect her a few weeks back, these lovely mums from the network helped me out. I am so sad that our children are going to different schools, for selfish reasons - but I know we will be friends for a very long time!

Meanwhile, I was at work eating yogurt covered raisins and peanuts. Lunch was a £6.95 box of food from Planet Organic, expensive but at I did get a bottle of water for free (hum). My phone is doing strangeness so no photo - it was a mashup and lovely!

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