Sunday, 15 July 2012

Eating in the rain!

I could put it off no longer, the desire to get away and camp for a few days despite the weather we have been having since the announcement of a hose pipe ban earlier this year. I booked Red Shoot in the New Forest as ½ and I went last September (when we had the 'hurricane'), willing it not to rain but also accepting that it was a gamble.

As the campsite is right by a pub, the plan was that we could eat in the pub for the 2 nights that we were away.

Light showers as I was pitching the tent, which only takes me 20 minutes in total including all the ropes! By the time we were eating our sandwich lunch 40 minutes later it was pouring and did not stop until 4am!

We went to the pub that night and I had a steak and mushroom pie with chips, whilst ½ had chicken nuggets and chips. Was very average fare, but convenient due to the driving rain. It's a nice enough pub just not amazing, show stopping food. 


The next day, at Peppa Pig World, I took a picnic. After our first visit there, I knew that any food purchased from there would be expensive and vile.

There was no rain that night, so I made some saute potatoes and baked beans. Standard camping food for a single burner. (In the olden days I had a 2 ring burner, plus a grill. EHU with a electric cool box. Have chilled out a lot since then!).

Breakfast for ½ whenever we go away consists of pain au chocolate - it's her thing and she adores them. I bought some ahead of time from Waitrose so she munched through those. On our 2nd and final morning I did make the most delicious cheese toastie/meltie with a fried egg. At the time of eating I decided it was the best breakfast ever in the whole world.... until I smelt the sausages from the tent opposite us!

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