Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dusted down the ice cream maker

The nice folks from Waitrose delivered my shopping to me last Tuesday night. In it was an extra bag of stuff. I ran out to give it back but he informed me that it was in with my stuff, I was the last drop and I should keep it! Yippee - free food and it was good stuff. Had organic mozzarella, fresh pasta, big tub of Greek yogurt. I had ordered a big yogurt for us already so decided it was time to dust of the ice cream maker.

Actually its xp's ice cream maker that I bought him many many many years ago, but seeing it's still here (he did move out a year ago this weekend) I decided to put it to good use.

My mother and littlest nephew were over and after our delicious poached chicken we had frozen yogurt. I forgot how easy it is. Just need to remember to keep the bowl in the freezer.

What you need
An ice cream maker
A large tab of Greek yogurt
Some agave nectar (couple of tablespoons)

What to do
1. Churn the yogurt for 15mins
2. Then add the agave nectar for the last 5/10 mins
3. Serve and eat quickly.

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