Monday, 18 June 2012

Chana masala cheap meal

Chana Masala used to be my fave veggie curry dish until I discovered paneer.

But chick peas are cheap (esp if you get dried ones, although I saw them 20p per tin in Morrison's this week) and healthy. I got some packet mix thing up from the Asian grocer up the road for a pound so gave it a go in the slow cooker Sunday morning. Not bad seeing that I had a hangover from hell and needed to pick up 1/2 from her sleepover party.

I had loads of fresh coriander from the green grocer up the road and I think it makes a massive difference adding it in. In fact either my taste buds were broken Sunday night as it tasted pretty bitter or a day in the fridge makes a massive difference as it was pretty amazing when I had it for lunch today.

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