Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Salt baked fish

Essay handed in, May Day bank holiday, and ½ having her Monday night sleepover at her dad's.

A couple of friends were coming over for a dinner and rather than making a usual roast which I make all the time with ½ I went for something a bit different.

I have always wanted to try salt baked fish and tonight was the perfect time. The meal was really easy to prepare and quick to cook, so it gave us more time to gossip!

What you need
  • Whole fish - skin on, and even better it scales are still on. I used 3 rainbow trouts as that's all they had in the shop
  • Some rosemary
  • Loads of salt - I had a 3.5kg bag and used about 2.5kg

What to do
  1. Get a deep-ish oven tray and cover with a good layer of salt
  2. Get your fish and put a few sprigs of rosemary in the cavity of each
  3. Lay the fish on the layer of salt
  4. Cover the fish with the rest of the salt - the prep is all done now!
  5. When you need to cook it, heat your oven to 190 and back for about 25mins (obvs. this depends on the size of your fish)
It's quite fun to crack open the fish from the salt crust, but it does get everywhere! I served this with some steamed new potatoes and roasted vegetables which I also prepared earlier.
This recipe reminded me of a Chinese recipe of chicken baked in salt which my mum used to always talk about but I don't think she ever made. I just found a recipe online and think I might just give it a try! 

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