Saturday, 12 May 2012

More meatballs please!

I love meatballs. Doesn't matter if they are pork, chicken, turkey or even beef. Even the Ikea ones!

I haven't made meatballs for ages, and I am not sure why. Maybe been too busy and using mince for the customary bolognese. Or maybe I have just forgotten about them for a while.

Here's a hybrid Nigel Slater / Tana Ramsey inspired one.

What you need

  • A small packet of minced pork
  • About 4 anchovies, chopped
  • Handful of chopped parsley
  • Breadcrumbs from 2 fresh slices (I only had wholemeal, but I think that white would be better)
  • A small carton of chopped tomatoes
  • A leek, chopped
  • A pepper, diced
  • Sherry vinegar or balsamic 
  • Desert spoon of honey

What do to
  1. Make the meatballs by combining the mince, breadcrumbs and parsley. Season with pepper and salt if you use them.
  2. Roll them into walnut sized balls and then put the plate back into the fridge for 20mins+
  3. When you are ready to cook them, heat olive oil in a frying pan and brown the lot of them
  4. To make the sauce, fry the leeks in the saucepan for about 6-8 mins. 
  5. Then add the peppers and fry for about 4 mins
  6. Add the chopped tomatoes and give it a big mix and add the honey and dash of vinegar
  7. Cook for about 10 mins
  8. Then blitz the sauce until smooth (I have to ladle mine out as I don't have a stick blender)
  9. Return to the pan and add the meatballs
  10. Cook until the meatballs are heated through
  11. Serve with rice
This is a good one for freezing. I found that there was plenty of sauce left, I ate pretty much all the meatballs! Whoops.

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