Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Monday night ½ stayed at her dad's, I was going to go to my last yoga class but was knackered and wanted to get a take away and flake in front of the TV. The curry I got from up the road was not very generous or tasty. Note to self, need to make more of my own. I have made a paneer curry (from a packet) before, but do want to make it again without a packet next time.

I forgot that I was giving blood Tuesday lunchtime, so to compensate I had a massive chicken salad and corn chowder from the sandwich shop by my office. I didn't look all that, but I was really pleasantly surprised. But lunch at £7 I think I need to start getting more organised and bring my own.

I collected ½ and we walked home chit-chatting about randomness.

I was going to make a chicken pasta (I had a whole chicken that I bought on the weekend that needed butchering and freezing). But in the end we had potato/cheese/pepper/mushroom omelette and some wholemeal muffins with plenty of butter.

So note-to-self:

  • Get organised and bring my own lunch to work
  • Make a paneer curry 

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