Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Long day

½ stays at her Dad's on a Monday night and is at preschool until I collect her (early today, thank you trains!). However, it was a long day and I had a massive headache.

It was a tin of Alphabet spaghetti (classy), which is handy for days like this. Also have a box of grated cheese at the ready and some tortillas the in the freezer, so it was cheesy tortilla triangles and tinned pasta.

She doesn't want much after a preschool day anyway, and I had a massive lunch from Planet Organic, so it's all good!

Cheesy Tortilla Triangles 

What you need:
  • 2 tortillas (these freeze well and you don't need to defrost, just be careful getting them out or they might break)
  • Some grated cheese
What to do:
  1. Heat your frying pan, one that's large enough for the tortilla to fit in
  2. Put in 1 of the  tortilla's. If you're using a frozen one heat one side then the other then do the other one, just to get rid of the frost.
  3. Then put 1 tortilla in the frying pan, sprinkle in some grated cheese over. If you want you can add chopped ham, sliced tomatoes, whatever.
  4. Then put the other tortilla on top.
  5. After about 1 minute flip it all over so the top one is now getting the heat
  6. When nice and melted take out of pan, cut into triangles and eat

No photo I am afraid, phone ran out of battery. Will post the next time.

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