Monday, 26 March 2012

Taking inspiration... or not

Usually after taking a holiday I take inspiration from where I have been. I took ½ to Euro Disney for a brilliant short break. At this age they believe everything - it's magical.

Anyhow I do love simple French food. Sadly Euro Disney isn't the place to get it.
½ did eat about 5 mini pain au chocolat each day! We shared the occasional baguette and for dinner we would share some pasta or pizza.

What I thought would be a simple yet delicious dinner in our hotel, steak frites, was disappointing.

Although the fast food was quite good in the world of fast food (but very costly) it wasn't inspiring. From within the park, we tried chicken nuggets and chips from Caseys Corner as well as kids meal pasta from Pizzeria Bella Notte. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was great fun - loads of food (meat) which was below average, but really worth a visit as it was such great fun.

My inspiration from this trip - the boxed salad with goats cheese and the salami baguette from the train station!

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