Friday, 30 March 2012

Soya chicken, fresh spinach and rice

Last night I had planned to make 'pot noodles' (inspired from River cafe veggie book). But my mum turned up to help with some gardening armed with fresh spinach from her allotment (my fave) and half a soya infused chicken that her allotment buddy gave her. (Soya chicken is a typical Chinese thing and you see them hanging in the windows of restaurants in China town).
So I put on some rice, well my mum did as I was cleaning the garden, we had the chicken and I cooked the spinach the Chinese way, stir fried with some chilli fermented beancurd (sounds rank but is really tasty).
(No photo as I couldn't find my phone when we sat down to eat).
When we were in the garden I moved the Weber and 1/2 asked if we were barbequeing- that's one I haven't tried with 1 1/2. Watch this space...

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