Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mid-week bonus

I had a joint of lamb in the freezer that needs eating (I have loads in my freezer, it needs defrosting so I am trying to eat my way through everything). So as a special treat to myself tonight we had roast lamb. I made this potato thing that I got from Jamies MoF (Baked French Potatoes - I made it with 1 large potato which is enough for us), and some steamed carrots and mange tout.

I was working from home so bunged it all in at 4.30pm and after I finished work and collected ½ from preschool it was pretty much ready to eat by 6pm. She doesn't usually eat much after preschool (they get 3 meals plus snacks), but she loves a bit of roast lamb as much as I do!

Loads of meat left over, so my plan is to make this lamb and mint soup. (Yes, I will be bunging it in the freezer for now. I don't think that I will ever be able to defrost it!).

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