Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lovely healthy meal...

It is that time of year again when all I want to eat is cheese and meat. Ideally together. And all melted. Well tonight was the night.
1/2 claimed unwellness this morning so had a super healthy lunch of steamed fish, plain pasta, green beans and sprouts (we love sprouts). For me smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls and vegetable crisps. Then tonight.... The lovely cauliflower, carrot and leek cheese topped with bacon. Oh and also macaroni cheese. Loads left over to take to work Monday. And the dash of nutmeg to the cheesiness really makes it taste extra special.

Cauliflower, carrot, leek and bacon covered in cheese recipe below..

What you need
- a cauliflower with the leaves removed and cut into reasonable bits
- 2/3 carrots peeled and cut into 1inch-ish pieces
- a leek finely sliced
- few slices of bacon
- 40g plain flour
- 40g butter (real deal, might as well attack the ticker)
- 400ml milk
- 200g cheese grated (I used emental and strong cheddar mix because that's what I have)
- a shake of nutmeg
- 2 TSP mustard - I used Dijon as I had no English.

What to do
1. Steam the carrot for 3 mins
2. Add the cauliflower and steam for about 5 more mins
3. Put the leeks into the bottom of you deep/semi-deep pan (I use lasagne type dish)
4. Make the same by putting the butter and flour into a pan and cooking down into a paste
5. Add the milk gradually and mix and wisk gently until it becomes a sauce
6. When thick and saucy and no lumps and is boiling turn off
7. Add the mustard and nutmeg and give a good mix up
8. Put the steamed veg on top of the leeks
9. Pour over the sauce and put into a hot oven (190°c) for 15mins
10. After 15mins take out the oven and place the uncooked bacon slices on top
11. Return to oven for 10-15mins

Monday, 14 October 2013

Another meal cooked by 1/2

Soon my 1/2 is not going to be 1/2 anymore. Little girl made me yet another meal this weekend.

This time it was pitta bread pizzas, or mini pizzas as we like to call them. It is actually the signature dish of one of our  friend's but we also often have it too.

I had already grated the cheese, she assembled it all.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pollo con cola

I never came across this dish when in Peru. However when I saw this in a Peruvian cookbook I got for my birthday I knew I needed to try it. Fitting really because exactly 8 years ago I just finished the Inka trail!
½ made dinner tonight (mostly), it was the excitement of consuming coca cola (which she isn't allowed and therefore very curious about).

Got a chicken from the butcher who quartered it for me. I chopped a large onion and 4 garlic cloves.
½ measured out 250ml coca cola, 60ml soya-sauce, 2tbsp Chinese five spice and 1tsp cumin. She mixed all the ingredients together and poured it over the chicken, who was waiting in the slow cooker (I did that bit). Sorted!

I did do more... After 4.5 hrs it was cooked and falling off the bone however I wanted it to crisp up so I put into my lovely enamel roaster  (£1.99 charity shop bargain) and I a hot over for 15mins.
My verdict... Yes very very tasty and not coca cola tasting at all. I did the Novella gammon in cola before and remember that didn't taste like coca cola either. It is quite rich which means there are even more left overs than usual. And very easy to make... Even a 5 year old can do it.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Did I ever talk about fish pie

Oh yes.... All the time. Love love love. This time I managed to freeze 6 portions!

Slow cooker is out again

The slow cooker is back out again. Went to a Chinese supermarket with my half-birthday buddie (after a fairly restrained night out before) and picked up beef shin and oxtail. Mostly in the freezer until another time but for now here is what happened.... I chucked in to a slow cooker

* beef shin coated in plain flour and mustard powder
* kohlrabi peeled and chopped into biggish chunks
* a load of carrots peeled and chopped

* celery sticks peeled andchunked

* tin of chopped tomatoes
* half bottle of red heated with a kallo beef stock cube
* a load of mini potatoes peeled
* pearl barley washed
* a few onions peeled and in chunks

8 hours later......

Email me for exact quantities